Why is it important to make your website stand out from the others? According to statistical research by WorldWideWebSize, the web contains over 6 billion indexed web pages as of 2020. Does that surprise you? 
Competition for user attention is continually growing as more and more businesses recognise the importance of getting their business online. Whilst having a great Google ranking is important, as well as a brilliant marketing strategy bringing customers in, if your website doesn’t leave a lasting impression (in a good way), they may not stick around! 
So what will make YOUR website stand out from the competition? Let’s start with what makes your business stand out from the competition. Get creative with the way you tell your business's story, whether that’s through a video, a blog, or even an interactive timeline. 
Provide an insight to your company, what makes you unique? Why do your current clients/customers come to you? What’s your approach? Do you have any specific values in your business? Give your website visitors an insight into who you are with a blog, with a ‘meet the team’ page, or even video content they can engage with! 
Make your website about your ideal client or customers. Speak to them directly by using case studies, stories and examples. Put yourself in your customers' shoes and really think about what it is they would like to see from you. 
Now let’s start thinking visually. Think about colours, what colours represent your brand? We recently posted on our social media channels about the use of colour psychology in web design. Are you trying to cultivate trust? Research shows that the colour blue is a colour of trust, peace, order, and loyalty. 
Another huge element of making your website stand out from the rest, is to have compelling copy. Good copy can not only make your website stand out, it can drastically increase your sales! 
Lastly, keep your website fresh! There is nothing more frustrating for customers, other than a slow website, than an outdated website. Ensure your website is updated regularly with testimonials, images and blogs. 
Take some time to think about how your website can stand out from the competition, and get in touch so that we can discuss the best ways of getting your website to work for you! 
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