You know when you come across an old blog post that's still got great, relevant information even years after it was uploaded? That's the power of evergreen content. For website owners, evergreen content is worth knowing all about - it’s simply website copy that continues to attract visitors and bring value long after it's published. So if that sounds exactly like how you want your website to be found, it's time to master the art of evergreen content creation. Let's get started! 

What is Evergreen Content? 

Evergreen content is information that stays relevant and useful over a long period of time. Unlike news articles or trending topics, evergreen content has a shelf life of months or even years. It allows you to continue providing value to site users at any point in time they find you. 
It also saves you time. Rather than having to think on the spot for new posts each week to stay visible, you can rely on evergreen content to do some of the work for you. While fresh content is still important, evergreen pieces provide a core content foundation. 

The Benefits of Creating Evergreen Content 

Increased Website Traffic 
People are searching for the kinds of useful information you're providing, so they'll find your site. The more evergreen content you have, the more traffic you'll gain over time. 
Higher Rankings 
The search engines love fresh, high-quality content. Evergreen content, especially content that is frequently updated, signals to Google that your site is an authority. Over time, this can help boost your rankings for important keywords. 
Lead Generation 
Your evergreen content educates and builds trust with your readers. Some may turn into customers. Include CTAs in your content to capture leads to optimise each reader. 
Cost Savings 
You avoid the time and expense of continually creating new content to engage your audience and drive traffic. Simply update your content as needed. 
Brand Awareness 
Evergreen content is a smart digital marketing strategy that pays off in so many ways. Put in the effort to create resources and blog posts that stand the test of time. 

How to Create Evergreen Content that Attracts Visitors 

Write "How to" Guides - Everyone searches for how to do things, so create tutorials and guides on important topics in your industry. 
Share In-Depth Insights - Don't just skim the surface—provide meaningful insights and think about whether what you’re writing really benefits people. Talk about what you know and do best! 
Create Resource Lists - For example, a productivity blog might write "The 50 Best Productivity Apps for Getting Things Done". These posts are very shareable. 

Putting it Into Action 

So there you have it - your evergreen content guide and how to make it work for your business. By focusing on topics and advice that stand the test of time, you can create website content with longevity that continues generating traffic and leads long after publication. Just remember - think timeless, not timely. For more advice and/ or queries on optimising your website, make sure to reach out to us today. We’re here to help your business grow 
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