I admit it, I can be something of a workaholic. I get a huge buzz out of what I do in my role with it’seeze, as it’s just so satisfying to see my clients’ businesses grow off the back of the work we do together. 
Take a look at what people say about us on Trustpilot. 
My previous working life was a very corporate one. To say that things couldn’t be more different today would be putting it mildly, as I’m now lucky enough to deal predominantly with people who run one-man-bands or SME’s. I simply love the more “human” element this brings to everything, and a big part of why I do what I do is being able to help people and their small businesses succeed online. 
I seem to have been dubbed “one of life’s helpers” by more than one of my clients. I wear that badge with honour, as I’d see offering anything less than my full support to each and every one of them as a total defeat of what it is I’m really trying to achieve – helping people. While this often means I work a 7-day week and some mighty long days, I just can’t help but feel fortunate to be in this position. 
So, please watch my short video with Carys of Specky & Ginge Online Marketing where we further discuss my natural tendencies towards helping others. 
Remember, I work with businesses in Northampton, Bedford, and the surrounding areas, and I really am here to help you with all everything your business needs to kick on to another level. Click here or call me on 07889 763144 to tell me about your business, and find out how I can help. 
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