As the famous saying goes, “a picture paints a thousand words”. 
Images are a key part of your website. They are a fantastic way for visitors to get an instant feel for your business and to help them understand what you offer. Photo’s are great to show before and afters, to give people a look behind the scenes, to meet the team and help your audience really get to know you. 
Here are three ways to get the best images for your site. 
Hire a Photographer 
Yes this costs money but it’s more likely to get the best results – think of it as an investment. Just as you’re an expert in your field, photographers are experts in theirs and can take pictures that are just as stunning as your new website. Professional photographs are always a better choice when it comes to product photography or food photography as getting the right lighting can be tricky. Shop around for quotes, get recommendations, look at their work and their style and find a photographer you can have a good relationship with to get the best from your images. They will be totally unique and help you stand out from your competitors! Your customers will be able to get a true taste of your business and maybe even recognise a few faces and places! 
Take Your Own Photos 
Take your own photos if you can. It means that they will be unique to you, personal to you and no-one else will have the same images. The camera on your smartphone will often offer good enough quality and there are loads of great apps and techniques you can find online that will help you get professional-style results – all from your phone!  
Unique photos of your business are great, a sneak peek behind the scenes, in the office and sharing what the team get up to! Taking your own photos is low cost, but it can be difficult to achieve a high standard of photo for some levels of marketing. Some of your own photos may be better off on your socials channels, in blog posts or in smaller galleries as opposed to larger banners. You can find help with your own photography here. 
Stock Images 
There are a vast amount of stock images available online, some are free and some you pay for. These images were taken or created without a specific project in mind but can be licensed for use on your new website. Stock images are quick and easy to access, more cost effective than hiring a photographer and with such a large catalogue of high-quality images to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice! However, it is possible that your competitors are using the same or similar images, meaning your business may not appear as unique as it truly is. 
Different businesses have different needs when it comes to photos for their website so if you are unsure of which route to go down, get in touch! 
We’d love to help you find the best solution that shows off your personality and your brand. 
Drop us a line at or call on 07889 763144. 
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