When a new client comes to It’seeze, they expect that I’m going to ask loads of questions about what they want their website to look like and do. In reality, that part of the conversation comes further down the road. All I am initially interested in is them as a person, their business, and what those two things combined are trying to achieve. 
So how do I do this? Well, the best way for me to find out what I would like to know is for us to get to know each other. Even before my time with it’seeze, I’ve always been a people person. People do business with people, not businesses, so therefore its vital that your website brings through your character and your vision as a representation of your business. 
As such, the first questions I will ask someone won’t be anything to do with websites. Once I understand you, your business, and your end goals, only then will my thoughts turn to the subsequent web design process. 
By adopting this approach, we avoid lots of the pitfalls that many of your run-of-the-mill web designers will fall foul of. Instead, we’ve developed a relationship whereby I understand what your website needs to do, even if you have not fully figured that out by yourself yet. Where I also stand apart from the crowd is that this is an ongoing process rather than a one-off pre-design conversation. People and businesses are ever evolving, so your website needs to do the same! Therefore, when you have your website built with me, you know that this relationship will continue to grow and develop in line with you and your business. 
Yes, it might be annoying to know that I am not just going to go away and leave you and your website to muddle through, but trust me, it’s a lot better for all of us if we keep an active dialogue open! 
Watch this video to find out more about how knowing me, Steve Axtell helps me to know you, my valued client. 
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