Do you know how the shops start filling up with heart-shaped treats and roses as soon as the Christmas decorations come down? Well, that’s your cue to start prepping your website for the next big event of the year - Valentine's Day! We've got all the tips to help you spread the love across your web pages in preparation for key marketing dates this year. From special offers to search engine tweaks, we'll show you simple ways to capitalise with the help of it'seeze 
When designing or updating your website for upcoming events or promotions, incorporating appealing banners or new images is an effective way to engage visitors and you could even consider creating special occasion landing pages. Here are some changes we recommend to make the most out of relevant key dates. 
Promotional Banners 
Create promotional banners that highlight current sales, deals or new product launches. Place these prominently at the top of your homepage and product category pages. Use attention-grabbing language and include a strong call-to-action like “Shop Now” or “Learn More”. 
Seasonal Images 
Incorporate seasonal images, like Valentine's Day hearts, Spring flowers or Christmas trees. Swapping out standard product photos for themed ones. These visual cues subconsciously prompt customers to make a purchase or take action on your site. 
Custom Landing Pages 
Develop custom landing pages for important marketing dates that feature targeted content and special offers. Include banner ads, themed images and content emphasising the occasion. A landing page tailored to the season or event will generate more interest and sales. 
Optimised for Search 
When updating images and creating banners, be sure to optimise them for search to improve your rankings and drive more organic traffic. Use relevant keywords in the image file name, title, caption and alt text. The alt text, in particular, is important for ranking in Google image search and to improve accessibility. 
Using these techniques, you can make simple yet high-impact tweaks to your website design during times you know potential customers will be searching. Engaging visuals and targeted content will grab attention, boost excitement and motivate customers to take action! 
Promoting Products and Deals 
By planning your promotions and content in advance, you'll make the most of every opportunity to connect with your audience. For annual marketing events like Valentine's Day or Cyber Monday, design a landing page detailing your participation and offers. This page should tick the following boxes: 
1. Explain the details of any sales, promotions or special deals you're running. 
2. Highlight the benefits and savings for customers. 
3. Provide clear calls to action like “Shop Now” or “Start Saving.” 
With some small tweaks to your website and integrated marketing campaigns, you can boost engagement and drive more sales at key points throughout 2024. Making the most of holidays and events is a gift that keeps on giving and we’re here to assist you in every way we can. 
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