What is SEO? 
You may well have seen the term “SEO” thrown about when it comes to your website but have never actually thought to ask what it is. SEO simply stands for search engine optimisation. Without delving too deep into the nerdy nature of it all, SEO is making changes to your website so they rank higher on search engines, like Google. 
Why is SEO Important? 
When your website is optimised, it will rank higher in search engine results which means your business is easier to find online and this opens you up to more business. Whilst paid adverts and social media drive traffic to websites, the majority still comes in the form of organic results from search engines.  
An organic result is a free listing that appears due to its relevance in the search and does not rely on paid adverts. Think about when you travel somewhere for the first time and are looking for somewhere to eat, you’ll probably “just Google it”. Or when you’re trying to find the name of that actor from that series, you’ll probably “just Google it”. The top organic results are the most relevant to your search and are from optimised websites. A study by Backlinko shows that 75.1% of clicks go to the top three organic results. That’s why SEO is important to your website. 
How to Improve SEO 
There are many ways to improve SEO but we’re going focus on our top three ways to rank higher in search engines. 
1. Page Load Speed 
The responsiveness of your site impacts SEO. The faster your pages load, the better the experience for the user. This means that they are more likely to stick around increase that all-important conversion rate. Try compressing images to reduce file size without compromising quality. Our bespoke websites are always fast and reliable as our frequent updates prioritise both the technical and user experience. 
2. Readability 
Even if your target audience is Oxford and Cambridge alumni, they probably don’t want to navigate their way through War and Peace length content just to find out what your business has to offer. Making your content easy to read and understand makes the content useful to a wider audience. There are several online tools available which assess the readability of your content. Our websites are super easy to edit which means that you can streamline your own content without having to wait around for someone else to do it! 
3. Frequent Changes 
Editing your website frequently shows the algorithms that it is still active. We don’t mean a full facelift every other week, simply uploading a blog once a month is enough to keep those rankings high. We’re always there to support you so if you’re struggling for new ways to update your site, your local expert, Steve Axtell, will be happy to help! 
One final tip...adding video is good for engagement...see what I did there :-) 
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