How likely are you to read reviews of companies or products before you commit to handing over your hard-earned money? Probably quite likely, right? So why is your business any different? 
Online reviews have a huge impact on where people decide to spend and with the cost-of-living crisis hitting us, people want to be assured that they are not wasting a single penny on shoddy services or poor products. A recent study suggests that online reviews are just as helpful as recommendations from friends and family when it comes to making a purchase. Your business should use online reviews to its advantage and show people exactly why they should use you rather than any of your competitors. 
Here are three areas in which online reviews can take your business to the next level: 
Online reviews help your business get seen online, particularly by local people. Search engines are more likely to rank your business higher in results if you have lots of positive reviews. The more people who see your positive reviews, the more likely they are to spend on your services or products. It’s a cycle that you can’t afford to miss out on! 
Showing off your 5-star reviews on your website makes it easier for customers or clients to scroll through the lovely words other people have had to say about you. This not only shows that you have nothing to hide when it comes to reviews, but also offers an easy opportunity for people to leave their own reviews. 
Collecting positive reviews can create a sense of community between you and your customers. This is further increased when you respond to each and every review you receive. This shows potential customers that you care what they think and are happy to open up a dialogue with them. 
So, moving forward, you should: 
Showcase your reviews on your website and make them easy to add to. 
Consider asking for feedback after a customer uses your services or buys one of your products. This can be done via email after they have had a chance to see and use what they’ve bought. 
Try using social media to reach out to previous customers, inviting them to leave a review. A simple post with a link to where they can review will do the job. 
Keep up the excellent customer service that has got you to where you are today! 
If you’d like any help with how to showcase reviews and invite customers to leave their own, please do get in touch by calling Steve on 07889 763144
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