I'm often asked what's best when it comes to images within a website and, as is often the case, the answer is...it depends! 
There's a place for stock photography but I would always recommend using your own images wherever possible. 

So how do you decide what type of images to include in your website? 

If you are just starting your business, or have limited resources, you can source FREE stock images from the web.  
I recommend using Unsplash, Pexels, or Pixabay, as these sites all offer professional images with a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licence - this means they are free for commercial use and no accreditation is required. This will provide you with quality images that tie in with your business at zero cost.  
You can also take your own images, which would be preferable, with a half decent digital camera or even your phone. 
This gets you started within a very limited or even non-existent photo budget. 
If you become a client of it'seeze Web Design Northampton-Bedford, we can source professional stock images for you that will be used in the design of your website. These photos (from Getty Images' extensive portfolio) will be included at no extra cost, so you can create a great first impression online without having to spend extra money on high-quality stock photography. 
Professional photography is ideal when you are looking to take that next step. Yes, there's an investment in terms of both money and time but the results will be on a whole different level.  
Choosing the right photographer who "gets" your business is also important if you want to achieve the best result. 
I am often asked if I can provide photography services myself, but at it'seeze Web Design Northampton-Bedford we do what we do best - create amazing websites that get real results, and we leave the photography to the experts. We are always happy to recommend photographers that we have worked with though! 
Of course, our websites are incredibly easy to edit, so if you do have your own photos taken at any point, you can easily add these to your site. 
For more information about our professional and affordable web design services, simply fill in our quick form to contact Steve Axtell, your local it'seeze website consultant. 
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