I often talk to clients about the importance of fresh content on their websites and a blog is an ideal way to achieve this.  
By regularly blogging, you are creating fresh content for both the search engines and for visitors to your website - after all, you want to engage visitors to your website, and returning visitors will want to see something new. 
Another way to engage visitors is by adding video content to your website. Although admittedly way out of my comfort zone, here's a snippet of a video conversation all about blogging...so that's a blog and a video all in one! 
So what can a blog be about? 
It can be about anything really as long as it engages with your current or prospective audience. It's great to have a theme to your blogs so as you publish each one the story grows and people start to look forward to the next one. 
How often should I blog? 
A lot depends on what you have to say. I know of bloggers that publish every day and for others it's when they get around to it. But as with everything web based it's about quality. If you publish very regularly with very little to say it won't take long before people switch off. However, publishing weekly or monthly with quality content will engage with your audience which is the overall aim. By the way, if you can publish quality content every day all power to you! 
What should I do after creating a blog? 
Share, share, and share some more. It's great if you have subscribers to your blog or website but what about new followers. There's plenty of social media channels where you can share your blog posts or articles so don't be afraid to use them. 
If you would like to know more about how blogging on your website can benefit your business, call me on 07889 763144 or fill out the simple contact form here. 
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