It’s no mystery that social media has taken over our lives, but how important is it when it comes down to promoting your business? 
Social media allows businesses to have more of a direct creative approach when it comes to engaging with potential customers, such as creating trends on TikTok, like the Ice Bucket Challenge or using hashtags such as #fyp (for your page) to craft the perfect algorithm for users. 
When it comes to Social Media Marketing, it’s a cheaper alternative to traditional advertising, which could cost you hundreds or even thousands.  
With using the power of Social Media, your business could reach a much bigger audience without the need to put your hand in your pocket quite so much! 
So, what can you actually do? Well, it allows you to do the following: 
Schedule content across different platforms with different audiences, genders and age ranges. 
Engaging with your followers who in result may become customers. 
Tailor a specific creative plan for YOUR brand. 
Create insightful reports on your social media engagement and reach. 
Create engaging content. 
Develop content strategies. 
Boot sales and online visibility. 
SEO Exposure. 
Let’s give an example, say you have a beauty business but no one knows whether you’re a credible business or not. You have many options to make your business known in a cheap and easy way. Instagram to start with is a fantastic platform to promote your work, reviews and what you offer. This gives a potential new client the view that you are what you say you are whilst showing off your work as a business. It’s all about that exposure and building that bond between you and your community. Don't forget to link any social media posts back to the relevant sections within your website too. 
#TopTip - Make sure you know your audience and who you want to reach! 
There are many more layers to this art, but if you are just starting with a social media presence it can affect your business in such a positive way! To make it even easier we collaborate with Specky & Ginge LTD, a 5-star multi award winning social media marketing company run by Emma Watson. They focus on the people behind the brand and what they do works. 
Look out for more tips and tricks at itseeze! 
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