We’ve all heard the phrase “taking a shot in the dark”. As someone who really understands the value of proper targeting (albeit marketing efforts, not guns), I’m always amazed by the sheer number of businesses that seem to adopt this mantra as their online marketing strategy. 
Rest assured, we don’t do that. Read on to find out why it’s so important to truly understand who your core client base is, what they really want from your business, and how that can be leveraged to deliver a great online experience for them. 
Before we even get to our client’s customers, we can practice what we preach here by getting to understand our clients and their businesses. We will always do this before we undertake any web design project, as it is the only way we can truly deliver on our promise of a great website that will deliver results. 
Often, prospective clients will come to me with existing ideas of how they want their new website to look and behave. It’s part of my job to dive into the “why” of all of that, and help people to reimagine things in a way that will actually work online. We’ll spend some time on the phone or video call (or maybe even face to face when things return to normal!) where I’ll ask some questions to find out what I need to know about your business, which in turn will help me understand what it is you’re really trying to achieve online. 
Beyond that, I’ll also encourage and help you to think about your clients. This is crucial, as it allows us to come up with ideas for your website that serve both your brand identity and also the people you’re hoping to attract to your site. By identifying these key items before any work begins, it allows us to develop a strategy that will be tailored to your business’s individual needs and avoid taking the aforementioned shot in the dark. 
Only once all of this is done will we then move onto the “how” of the project and start designing a new site. Watch this video to find out more: 
Take some time to think about your clients or customers now, and then contact me online or give me a call on 07889 763144 where we can identify the best online strategy for your business in 2021 and beyond. 
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