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Make your business shine online with a brand-new website redesign in Northampton, Bedford or Olney. A professional looking site is key for success, bringing in the right visitors and boosting your business. 
At it'seeze, we turn old, underperforming and non-responsive websites into attractive and effective ones that help our clients grow their businesses. Check out some of our recent website redesigns below: 
The previous website belonging to Mowerman Garden Machinery
The redesign of Mowerman Garden Machinery


Our client, Mowerman, now has a user-friendly website to manage their online image better. Known for top-notch grounds maintenance services and selling gardening equipment locally, they are supported by an excellent it'seeze website. 
The previous website belonging to The Moodley Dental Practice
The redesign of Moodley Dental Practice


As an it'seeze client, you can easily update your website by editing it and, if necessary, ask for a complete redesign with new branding. In 2023, Vegan Moodley did exactly that to revamp the website it'seeze crafted for him in 2011. It's truly impressive to see it'seeze clients maximising their website's potential. 
The previous website belonging to PJL Chimneys
The redesign of PJL Chimneys


When Richard launched RJL Chimneys, he initially made his own website. While it served its purpose, the site had limitations and lacked standout design elements. Given the strong local competition, especially with the growing popularity of log burners, Richard opted for it'seeze to craft a new and improved website. 
The previous website belonging to CutCrew
The redesign of CutCrew


When Jack, the owner of Cutcrew started his business he had the time to create his own website to support the launch of the business, but it became clear that a professionally built site was crucial for Cutcrew's growth. The user-friendly interface of the website makes it easy for Jack to keep things updated, aligning well with Cutcrew's active social media presence. 
The previous website belonging to Patches 'N' Pins
The redesign of Patches 'N' Pins


This was a new website for it'seeze taking over from a previous site that although was functional didn't really stand out as the "go to" website for sci-fi (and other) related patches and pins. 
With over 1200 products available online this is a great example of how an effective webshop works. Fully managed by our client along with our renowned support when needed. 
The previous website belonging to Wymer UK
The redesign of Wymer Publishing


It'seeze created a new website for Wymer Publishing as their previous site was difficult to use for both the owners and the public alike. It was a big decision to move as the previous business needed to be maintained while at the same time new business needed to be driven. It soon became apparent that it was the correct decision as this unique online business continues to go from strength to strength. 
The previous website belonging to More Than Words
The redesign of More Than Words


An original it'seeze website from 2015 needed bringing up-to-date as the owner, Kimberley added more services and wanted to refresh her branding. The result was a stunning update which she loves and it receives many compliments from Kim's clients. 
This website was a complete change of direction rather than just a refresh and it certainly stands out from the crowd. 
The previous website belonging to Profire Engineering Ltd
The redesign of Profire Engineering Ltd


A much-needed update has been provided with this new it'seeze website build. The business owners don't have much time to work on their website so it'seeze have made it as easy as possible with the new Profire website, plus of course they can rely on our back up when required. 
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