At it’seeze, we pride ourselves on making things simple for everyone which is why we like to steer away from confusing jargon. However, having a basic understanding of terminology you may see or hear can help you realise exactly why we might build a website in certain way. Here’s a brief explanation of “UX” and “UI”, how they interact with one another and why they’re important. 
UX stands for ‘user experience’. This is the basics of the website – how it works, which buttons lead to where etc. UX can be likened to the engine of a car – it is what powers the car and makes it usable. 
UI stands for ‘user interface’. This is what users interact with – display screens, menus, aesthetics etc. If UX is the engine, think of UI as the finishing touches like paintwork and alloy wheels. It’s what brings it all together and makes it better to use. 
UX and UI are complementary of one another, and a website simply cannot be successful without one of these design aspects. Imagine having the best-looking car in the world but it doesn’t have an engine. That is like UI without UX. UI design is about making the layout look good and enjoyable to use, whilst UX design focuses on ease of use. This means that UX is more of a feeling that something is seamless and responsive rather than the more tangible UI that is more to do with a website’s physical appearance. 
Good UX design will improve the user’s experience by making it easy to navigate through your website whilst encouraging them to stick around longer as it’s obvious where to find the information they’re after. The longer someone spends on your website, the more chance there is of converting that lead. 
Building a solid, recognisable brand is important in today’s digital world and good UI design can offer just that. Your choice of colour, font and button style can instantly reflect your company’s values, morals, tone and culture. This sets the mood and helps entice people into making that purchase. 
UX and UI are different, very specific roles within website design. We understand that it can be tricky to fully understand how to incorporate best UX and UI practice in your website and you may be left feeling overwhelmed. Rest assured, it’seeze have you covered.  
Not only will your bespoke website look fantastic, but it will also be a pleasure to navigate so your customers won’t even want to look elsewhere. Get in touch today and have a chat about our cost-effective packages that are guaranteed to get you results. 
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