Some think of a website as just another costly piece of marketing but it should, in fact, be seen as another source of income, even if it doesn’t have an online shop. Now, more than ever, as we continue to pay off the pandemic and face a cost-of-living crisis, every investment counts so make your website work for you and your business. A successful website should encourage users to spend with that business so here are three ways to boost income through your website. 
High Quality Content 
Having a website that is search engine optimisation (SEO) enhanced will mean that it ranks higher in results on websites such as Google. Having high quality content is a sure-fire way to climb up the rankings whilst instilling the trust of consumers. When a website ranks higher, its organic traffic (traffic not generated by paid for adverts) is higher which means that there are more people looking at that site.  
For search engines and users to deem content ‘high quality’, it should be relevant to whenever somebody reads it (evergreen content), long enough for search engines to find it but not too long that users become disinterested, include up-to-date information about your business and be useful to the user. 
Well Designed 
A well-designed website in terms of looks and efficiency will ensure users are retained which increases the chances of gaining their business. It can take just a split second for somebody to decide that they don’t like the look and feel of a website, so they look to the competing businesses instead.  
A whopping 88% of online consumers will not return to a website after a bad experience so it had better be good the first time around! A well-designed website will also look good and work well across all devices and with over 58% of the population now accessing website on a mobile device it’s extremely important that nobody is left out of a great experience. Our bespoke websites consider all devices when they are built, meaning that they are easy on the eye and efficient no matter how they are accessed. 
Customer Reviews 
Online reviews are a fast, often reliable way of telling if a business is worth using. This is one of the biggest reasons why people may search for a business online and can attract potential customers just as well as they can put them off.  
Search engines love recommending businesses based off reviews so the higher a business is rated, the more likely they are to appear on local recommendations. Inviting customers to leave reviews for goods or services will help steer traffic away from competitors. We can build review sections into websites that not only show off fantastic five-star reviews but invite users to leave their own feedback. This can be through a third-party website such as Trustpilot or your own dedicated page.. 
If your website is more of a cost centre than a profit centre, get in touch with Steve Axtell, Northampton and Bedford’s local web design expert, about a FREE health check which is guaranteed to get to the bottom of your website problems. 
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