When it comes to ranking higher on a Google search, there are many factors that are considered by their algorithms. Google prefers websites that are more focused on helpful content such as tips and education. However, this must be high quality content and, in fact, one of the most important, yet often overlooked factors in ranking is a website’s page quality. This can be worked out by assessing the page’s expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness, or E-A-T. So, what does this actually mean for you and your website? 
When judging a page’s expertise, the creator of the content is called into question. Does the creator have credentials in this field or relevant life experience? Is this information easy to find in the content or elsewhere on the website? If the answer is no to both questions, the creator’s expertise cannot be verified. Therefore, the page will rank lower on Google. 
This is in reference to the creator and the website’s content, and their standing within their field of expertise. To be considered an authority in your industry, people must know your background and that of your business, whilst being looked up to by your peers. An authority in an industry is often accepted as a good source of information. It usually takes years of experience to build up authoritativeness, but it can be fast-tracked by other important figures in your industry vouching for you. 
Trust makes us feel safe, whether that’s online or in life in general. When looking at the trustworthiness of a website, Google considers physical factors like security as well as the legitimacy of the creator and their content. If a website is not secure or the information on there is inaccurate, it cannot be considered trustworthy and it will rank lower in search results. 
Ways to Improve E-A-T 
Clearly display citations and credits for content 
Highlight client/customer testimonials on your website 
Include information about your experience and qualifications 
Create unique content to stand out 
Regularly update content, blogs are particularly good 
Consider a comments section on blogs 
Ensure your website has an SSL certificate 
If you think this is all about Google then think again. Google is simply reflecting what people actually want from a website. They want to know the information they see is correct and from a reliable source so that they can trust you. Engaging, informative and up to date content is the key. 
If you’d like an assessment of your website’s E-A-T and help to be seen on Google, get in touch today. 
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