As the cost of living continues to rise and many people are considering where they spend their money more carefully, businesses should be savvy with their spending to ensure they continue to make money. Online marketing is still a solid investment for businesses as it acts as a 24/7 shop window for potential customers across the globe however, if the marketing itself is no good, businesses will struggle to see a return on investment. Here are three ways to ensure your online marketing keeps you ahead of your competitors and how It’seeze Northampton & Bedford can help. 
A Website Like No Other 
What’s the point in your website if it doesn’t reflect who you are as a business and is the same as every other organisation within your sector? Ensuring your website is unique helps your business be remembered by customers, both existing and potential. At It’seeze, we know that no two businesses are the same so believe their websites shouldn’t be either.  
We never use templates which means your website is just as unique as your business. Your local web expert, Steve Axtell, takes the time to get to know you and your business so he can represent your values, culture and tone effectively through design. Your customers will never get the feeling that they have visited this website before (unless it’s yours they’ve visited!). 
Ongoing Professional Advice 
Just as you’re the expert in your field of work, there are experts in the world of online marketing. Save yourself some time by seeking out advice from those who know best who will help you keep up with trends, ensure your website is performing well and be there to answer any queries you may have. At It’seeze, we provide you with your very own local expert who understands how businesses perform best online in your area. Steve Axtell will hold your hand from first contact to the finished website and beyond and when he’s not available, we offer 24/7 support through our support site, meaning you’ll never have to struggle alone when it comes to your website. 
Being Social 
Online marketing is not limited to websites. Social media marketing gives your business the opportunity to showcase your products and services to 4.7 billion users worldwide. Instead of thinking of social media profiles and your website working as separate entities, businesses should use them together in harmony as they complement one another when done well.  
Social media profiles pave the way to your business’ website by engaging with your audience, sometimes in a more personal way, which makes them want to learn more about what you do. This is vital in converting that warm lead into a sale. At It’seeze Northampton, we’ve teamed up with social media experts, Specky & Ginge, to ensure your website and social profiles work together to increase your profits. 
If you want to start making more money from your online marketing, get in touch with Steve today! 
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