So, you have your new, responsive, bespoke website designed by it’seeze Northampton and Bedford. It looks stunning on all devices, loads up quickly and showcases your business better than you could have imagined. However, not enough people are looking at your website for your liking. Why? Because you now need to market it! To help you out, here are 3 excellent ways to increase traffic to your website! 
1. Collaborate with Other Brands 
When you work with other businesses, there is a fantastic opportunity for cross-promotion. This boosts recognition of each other’s companies. This means that their customers could become your customers, especially if the brand you’re collaborating is one that they like and trust, and vice versa. This could range from co-creating a product/service to hosting guest blogs on each other’s websites. Whether you’re in the same industry or not, this is a sure-fire way of reaching new customers who you may have struggled to reach before. Recognition of your brand will soon increase if this is done in the right way and with the right partner. 
2. Social Media 
Social media is one of the best ways to drive traffic towards your website. With over 4 billion users worldwide, the chance for potential customers to see and engage with your business increases with active social media profiles.  
You’ll be able to list your business’ website on your profiles as well as link to relevant pages in your posts. Remember, this is on top of search engine results too! Creating engaging content will not only boost your following on social media but also enhance your brand and reputation. This, in turn, will encourage people to learn more about your business through your fabulous website and lead to that all important conversion. We highly recommend Specky & Ginge LTD to help you achieve great things on social. 
3. Fresh Content 
One of the things that affects your website’s search engine rank is how often it’s edited. We’re not talking a full-face lift or rearranging the layout; it can be something as simple as a monthly blog. This tells the algorithms that this website is still active and updated regularly and will therefore rank higher in search engine results.  
With the majority of clicks going to the top three organic results, the higher your website ranks, the more chance of your business being found. This also helps pass the “eye test” too, where users can see for themselves how active you are online. If there is no evidence that you have updated your website in the past few years, customers are less likely to engage with your business as they cannot be sure that the information on the website is still relevant. 
If you’d like some more tips and advice on how to boost your website traffic, don’t hesitate to contact Steve who will be more than happy to help you achieve great success online! 
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