Trends can be a bit hit and miss, but we’ve found three that we think are going to stick around for quite some time and are worth considering when it comes to improving your website. 
1. Show, Don’t Tell 
In the era of Netflix, Disney+, TikTok and Snapchat, we’re addicted to watching things move on our screens! It’s how we interact with a lot of technology nowadays so your website shouldn’t be any different. Video is very effective medium, so consider engaging people with video content and animations.  
Background videos add to the general mood of the website. Feature videos should be short and informative. This will be where your visitors can choose to watch rather than read about your business. Animations can give a lovely tactile quality to your website as they can come to life when responding to your cursor. 
2. Accessible for All 
Inclusiveness and accessibility are coming to the forefront of people’s minds more often and rightly so. Your website has the potential to reach a huge audience which is almost definitely diverse in its needs. With over 14 million disabled people in the UK, your website needs to cater for impairments that may affect the user’s experience. To do so, your website should follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliant. We have a useful checklist that highlights what we look after for you. 
3. Keep it Simple 
Sometimes, as the saying goes, less is more. Whilst large complex images can be striking, they can overwhelm the user and blur the message you’re trying to convey. You may be shooting yourself in the foot by unintentionally creating barriers for customer engagement.  
A few years ago, we saw the rise of infographics – lots of information tightly packed together in an image. In 2022, try using fewer words, calming colours and clear, concise calls to action. Create more space for the user and give them more room to breathe whilst encouraging them to spend more time on your website. You can still convey all the same information but how it’s done is important. 
For help incorporating these exciting new website trends, give us a call on 07889 763144 or drop us a line. It would be great to discuss how you want to move your business forward and how we can help you achieve this. 
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