It’s a well-known fact that our brains love ordered tasks, and we perform better when we write down what needs to be done. This makes the good old-fashioned To-Do list an effective tool. 
One of the things that we believe makes us more productive here at it’seeze, is we love a list! Steve is a list maker and here are a few reasons why. Oh wait, here’s a list of why lists are so great! See what we did there! 
1. Helps You Get Stuff Done 
Lists help you work out what needs to be done and in what order, write down the tasks, do them, and then, one-by-one, cross them out. 
2. Calms the Chaos of Life 
Lists help calm anxiety about the chaos of life; they give us a structure, a plan that we can stick to; and they are proof of what we have achieved that day, week or month, which in turn makes us feel more productive and good about what we have accomplished. 
3. Free’s Up a Full Memory 
In days gone by and we mean many days, our brains had more capacity. Today our lifestyles are fast, non-stop and our brains have to remember much more. Research has shown that we remember things that need to be done better than things we have done. This is the so called “Zeigarnik effect” Lists help with freeing up our head space. 
4. Make You More Effective 
Simply writing tasks down will make you more effective and proactive. 
5. No Fighting! 
Try not to fight it! Lists won’t dampen your creativity or flexibility. If you have a full schedule and little structure, it’s likely you will struggle to cope. A system will help, and scribbled notes on the back of your hand hands won’t cut it. 
6. Long Or Short 
It’s doesn’t matter how long or short your list is, just note down what needs to be done and see how lighter your brain feels. 
7. Helps You Stop Procrastinating 
Making a list enables us to get our heads around big tasks, and they help us tackle the jobs one aspect at a time. Lists are useful as they solve a problem, lead to action, so they can help us to stop putting stuff off! 
8. Tried and Tested 
Lists have been tried and tested for many years, whenever you delve into cultural history, you’ll find examples of lists. 
9. Helps You Understand 
Culture wants to make infinity comprehensible. How do we attempt to grasp the incomprehensible? Through lists! 
10. End Of The Day 
A great tip is to write a list at the end of the day. Close your day with a list of what you need to get done tomorrow. There’s nothing worse than thinking “I must remember to do X” Knowing that everything is written down, saved on a smartphone or laptop, helps your brain rest and aids sleep knowing that you have it all in a trusty list. 
Do you love a list?  
Let Steve help you with your To Do List of getting your new website sorted!  
Drop us a line at or call on 07889 763144. 
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